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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Unmasking the truth

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/02/2005

This letter to the editor made me laugh.
Mindful that national guard units are being sent out of Fort Ripley, the protesters came with concern for the soldiers maimed and the 1,500 who have been killed in Iraq.
While the deaths and injuries are tragic they are necessary for (1) securing Americans freedoms from terrorist sponsors (2) spreading democracy throughout the region which helps to make America safer (3) protecting our potential interests in the Middle East with both economy and trade. Get a grip...war is hell and necessary wars must press on regardless of the casualties.

This poor moron presses on in his misinformed way trying to explain why they protest wars.
If anything else, to unmask a mythology about our country and its motivations, such as that the war was initiated to promote democracy.
Obviously this poor guy was told what to believe and never bother to seek the facts. We went into Iraq for a number of reasons...all of which have panned out to be true. The left hates their/our President so much that they cannot admit that he was right. Nations are seeking freedom; democracy is being embraced strongly and warmly; terrorist groups are losing ground, financial status and recruitment of loyal members; our borders are safer (though we must eternally stay vigilent in protecting our borders); Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction in production. The far-left (aka haters of America) are as fact based as Ann Coulter and as open minded as Bill O'Reilly. (I say that to tweak them, but I believe it to be true.)

The bottom line on Iraq is that it was good for the United States security and interestes. It was good for the allies of the United States (France and Russia are NOT amongst our allies and are not better off now). It was good to the condition of the lower classes in the Middle East. It was no illusion that Iraqis held their purple-tipped fingers with great pride after they voted.

What is a mystery to straight-thinking individuals is the following question. How is it that prior to 9/11 there were flyers and protests on the U of MN campus demanding overthrowing governments in Afghanistan, Iran and many other middle eastern countries because of how horribly they treat women...and now that those wishes are being followed through the same leftists are denying the monumental progress? I mean, to call them hypocrites is true, but simplistic. What is the deeper motivation?

Quite simply a hatred for anything good in America, a hatred for anything that proves democracy over socialism and capitalism over communism, a hatred for any idea that comes from anyone further to the right of Marx. (Seriously, I used to work with a woman who firmly believes that if something comes from anyone to the philosophical right of MoveOn.org then it is a lie. Many of the students at the Moscow on the Mississippi believe the same.)

So, this letter to the editor of the St Cloud Times from David of Brainerd seems to be three things. (1) a form letter that got past the editors, (2) proof of the intellectual vacuum that is the far left, (3) further support of my theory that the entire anti-war movement at this point in history knows only talking points and they do not understand how the real world works.


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