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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The more I hear of him the less I like him

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/31/2005

Today Terri died but lingering are many questions that the nation must answer and many issues from Michael Schiavo that make him more detestable.

He ordered the blood relatives out of the room just before she passed. He claims because Terri's brother was causing acrimony. Considering how heartless Michael has been through the whole ordeal I tend to believe that he was being black-hearted and spiteful.

Michael wants the body creamated and buried in his family's plot in Pennsylvania. Why? If he really loved her so much then why not try to make amends with the family? Why the two serious girlfriends and two bastard children while married to Terri? Why not demand investigations into the broken bones that Terri received?

None of those things are coming from Michael. I do not believe the decision to take Terri's remains is anything more than hateful motivation to hurt Terri's caring family. I believe that the decision to have the body creamated is to make certain that anything not discovered during the autopsy disappears forever.

Read the story for yourself. You may disagree with me...but I am not changing my position on this. I have read hundreds of pages of documents that make me believe this way about Terri, Michael and the whole situation. Only a couple of pages of documents have caused any doubt in my mind about my assessment of Michael's character.


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