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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

They knew what they were getting into

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/30/2005

This story causes one to take pause.

Four models took a job in New York City posed as wife-beaters. They thought that the ads would have a limited run as well as a limited placement. It turns out that the campaign for which they were hired ran longer and the posters with their faces were placed in a wider location than the models expected.

So, the models are suing the city for $1 Million each.
Copies of the posters were so widespread for so long, that friends of the models believed the men had been arrested and were actual "women beaters"
My question is this: Does the fact that the posters were so widespread for so long change the fact that they knew what the campaign was about?

Is this a case of them trying to get more from the job than the $2K they were paid for the original job? Is this the litigation lottery being attempted again?

Or did the city tell the models '4-months campaign only in the subway stations' and then took advantage of the models by running the campaign for longer and all over the transit system?

And who is really dumb enough to think that the people in the pictures on ads are actually suffering from the ailments in an ad? That guy in the "male-enhancement commercial" is really having size issues? The girl on the credit counselling commercials--you mean she really is not bankrupt?

So, what is the story behind this one?


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