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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/25/2005

Marty is also a columnist for the MN Daily. His latest article is about Newsweek and sedition. Highly recommended reading.

Here it is.

It’s now going around the blogosphere that Newsweek is also guilty of sedition against the United States abroad.

On February 2, in Japan, Newsweek published a cover article, “The day America died.” Accompanying the article was a picture of a soiled American flag in a trash can with its staff split in twain.

The English international version of the magazine had on the cover a picture of President George W. Bush, with the more innocuous title, “America leads, but is anyone following?”

Both versions had the article written by Andrew Moravcsik, titled, “Dream on, America.” The article was a rant about how the rest of the world is rejecting the U.S. way of life.

This would all be fine in my eyes, except Newsweek did not publish that article in its U.S. version. The article is completely missing, and the cover of that edition had on it a collection of actors — the Oscars being in the news at the time.

We will not renew our subscription (even though it was for entertainment value only).


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