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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The left is blaming humans for Katrina

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/31/2005

Ever wonder how far the left will go to politicize anything? Ever wonder how low the left will stoop for political points?

Bush is behind the levies failing
The premise: it is fishy that the levies failed so long after Katrina passed.

Kyoto would have prevented Katrina
The premise: Because Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour authored a memo that was against Kyoto somehow God is paying Mississippi back. Uh, Bobby, you mentioned God and you have an opinion and you mentioned death & destruction. Minnesota Blue and other lefties will be calling you a danger to Church & State. Oh, nevermind Bobby. They only say that about non-liberals.

Sheehan (Moron Mommy) blame Katrina on Bush
The premise: (implied) Bush's oil policies are (a) the only reason for Iraq and (b) led to "global warming" and thus Katrina.

Bush is responsible for levees failing
The premise: Bush's funding cuts caused the levees to fail. Unaddressed was the fact that pumps (from what I know) cannot pump without electricity and (I could be wrong) there was no power in New Orleans during and after Katrina. Also unexplained is why officials have known "since the late 1960s" that the levees were an issue yet only magically the past 2 years were the key.

Playing guitar is forbidden
The Premise: Because Bush was playing guitar at any point during the aftermath he does not care. You assholes mean to tell me that since Monday you have cancelled everything you had to do so that you could sit and pray non-stop...you have not had a single laugh, maintained your schedule, etc. You are hypocrites. You politicize even the demolition of an entire city simply to try to gain political points. You don't have your policy solutions or proposals so you engage in mentally looting a disaster for your own disgusting political posturing.

Looking for any reason to politicize a national disaster
The Premise: (in a whining nasal granola voice) "I swore I wasn't going to get into the politicization of this crisis, but the "strumming and smirking" photo shocked me into it." What a liar. You were just looking for an excuse. I'm surprised you waited a whole day. I'm surprised the entire left waited a whole day.

In fact, I honestly was shocked that the majority of the left did not politicize 9/11 within a few days. I was shocked that they held out longer than 2 weeks. Let's not give more credit than necessary. Small pockets of the left did politicize 9/11 (e.g. moveon.org, madd) and I'm excluding the politicization that most of the left did with their "it's our fault" garbage.

Bush reacted to slowly
The premise: Bush failed twice. First he failed in not consoling the victims BEFORE the hurricane hit. Then he failed to deny the Governor's authority to organize relief and request it from the federal government. This is how it is always done, more or less. The Bush failed because he did not immediately seize control of the search & rescue. Two days is far too late.

The funny thing here is that they praise Bush's response after 9/11. Uh, Bush spoke after things (damage & threat) were assessed. The damage is still being assessed, the threat is not over yet.

It is amazing how the left rushed in more to politicize the disaster (that is still occurring). Sickening...disgusting...disheartening. Thank God there is not the same politicization locally. At least not yet. I give it 2 more days before the local lefties abjectly politicize Katrina.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your National Democrat Party.


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