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Friday, August 19, 2005

Moron Mommy, Rowley and lies

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/19/2005

Sometimes people say things so stupid that they should not be responded to. That summarizes most of the letters to the editor printed in the Minnesota Daily, Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. Sometimes people say even stupider things that will also have the effect of misleading people. Those are the things I wish did not need refutation, but they do.

Today's first installment of stupidity that must be refuted comes from Democrat Coleen Rowley who is running for Congress against John Kline. Rowley went down to the Moron Mommy Campsite (Cindy Sheehan's camp for hatred). An article in the Star Tribune describes the visit.

While there Rowley tried to minimize her association with the freaks in Crawford,
"I don't throw myself in with any political agenda," Rowley said on Wednesday night on Fox News, adding on Thursday that she's "been there, done that" when accused of blowing a whistle for political gain.
I'm sorry, Coleen, but by running for office you ARE throwing yourself in with an agenda. By running as a Democrat you ARE throwing yourself in with an agenda. By going to Crawford to associate with the hate-mongers and counter-Americans you ARE throwing yourself in with an agenda. The disgusting part is how you run from it. "I'm running as a Democrat but I have always voted Republican." "I'm going down to hold anti-war, hate-filled vigils and protests, but I don't have any agenda." "I'm not anti-war but I'm mad that I was not consulted by Bush on all matters regarding terrorism."

Give me a break. You are a smart person, you were a public relations/media relations person for the FBI. You are playing the game (badly) and knowingly. You are trying to play both sides of the aisle like a seasoned politician while claiming to be an outsider. (There's another play-both-sides-example.) It is disgusting.

Then you show your skill at distortion revising facts.
"People who warn the country are called terrorists," she said. "We've got to stop such horrible things that have been done in the name of avenging 9/11."
Coleen, in case you forgot since you have become a partisan hack, everyone held you up as a hero for your first memo. You were not a called a terrorist for your ideologically driven second memo. (Though you were justly called foolish and agenda driven.) People warning the country from what is the question I pose to you. Do you really think the people you are hanging out with now are "warning the country"? Let's see, the leader of the Freaks of Crawford claims the U.S.A. is the only country without a checks and balances, there is no Constitution and that Bush went to Iraq based on one reason. Blatant lies are not helpful to the country, even when you disguise them behind your martyrhood.

Watch that Congressional race. If Coleen makes it past the primary she will give us wonderfully telling lines like another "outsider" with an agenda, Wetterling. (Wetterling is the candidate who said she wants to fight the War on Terrorism here at home instead of abroad. That explained a lot of her America-weakening platform.)

Two final notes on Coleen. We need to remember that as recently as a couple of months ago she claimed to have no platform and very few opinions on most political matters. I guarantee that she will suddenly over the next several months provide the public with "long held" beliefs for which she did not previously have opinions.

Coleen went from a genuine whistleblower to a self-aggrandizer within about 10 months (whatever the time was between her first memo being release and her composition of her second memo). Between that time she went from a self-aggrandizer to a glory-hunting, media-hungry self-aggrandizing politico wannabe. When Marty & I interviewed her in December of 2004 hints of this were coming out, but she said off the air that she had no interest whatsoever in politics. She wanted only to either disappear from the public OR be appointed to a committee (as a citizen) to advise the Executive Branch on terrorism matters. So because of the respect that we (Race to the Right) give to guests I have been pulling my punches with fair criticism of Coleen becase of her comments to us in December.

I think it is fair to say that the gloves are allowed to come off now that she is making these types of misleading, deceiving comments.


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