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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sports builds character

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/26/2005

Vikings players AGAIN in trouble.
Two starting offensive linemen on the Minnesota Vikings were arrested shortly after 3 a.m. today when they refused to leave a 24-hour service station where a crowd had gathered, according to Minneapolis police.

Bryant McKinnie, 26, and Marcus Johnson, 23, were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice, which are misdemeanors, and were released from the Hennepin County jail early today after they each posted $50 bail.

Witnesses gave various accounts of the incident at the service station.
You think so? I mean, there are die-hard Vikings fans that would like about a murder to protect their beloved purple.

Jared Scheeler, a manager at the service station, said that he had originally called police because a woman customer had become unruly. He said that security guards who work at the store had handcuffed her. It appears that the woman was not connected to the Vikings entourage.

A group of individuals with McKinnie was standing inside the store when a another man who was getting a drink out of the cooler shouted at McKinnie, making a reference to Miami, and it "could have been an insult," Scheeler said.

The men apparently exchanged words and McKinnie's teammates were trying to get him to back off. At some point during the argument, two police officers arrived. "He (McKinnie) kept arguing with the guy," said Scheeler. "Police were telling him to stop. He wouldn't. They attempted to cuff him. There seemed to be a little resistance (by McKinnie) but not much."
Yet we should subsidize their place of employment because they are such great role models and sports builds character.


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