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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Storm coverage hysteria

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/22/2005

OK, before I "report" the dumbest thing ever said during storm coverage I have a confession to make. I am a big fan of baseball. Why is that germane? Because baseball announcers (and some fans) try to make every single at-bat more important than every other at-bat in history. ("If Bubba Marconi Walker hits a single here it will be the first time in history that someone with BMW initials got a hit on the day after a bad storm in a neighboring suburb.")

So last night we are driving home between the storms (and since our drive is so long we actually got caught in the second and between the 2nd & 3rd storms). We were listening to WCCO radio for whatever reason. I do not know whose voices belonged to which names but I do know that one of the people was Mike Lynch.

Talk about melodramatic! I heard this quote and nearly drove of the road from shock at the stupidity of the comment.
Some of the trees being destroyed are over 100 years old. Make no mistake, tonight the very face of the cities is being changed forever.
OK, I understand trying to fill air time and sometimes stupid stuff exits the mouth. Maybe he didn't mean it. In the meantime my wife and I were discussing how overdone the quote was (she didn't hear it and thought maybe I was making it out to be dumber than it was).

Thirty minutes later he said it again. And about 5 minutes after that he said it again. I would bet money he was crying as he said it.

No wonder we get numb to coverage for the big stuff when these idiots fail to keep things in perspective.


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