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Friday, September 16, 2005

Sports Builds Character

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/16/2005

(H/T: Jon J)
This story shows us yet again how sports builds character (a common excuse by pro-stadium advocates).
Tampa Bay rookie fullback Rick Razzano was suspended four games Friday by the NFL for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids.

Razzano, a seventh-round draft pick from Mississippi, said through the team that he tested positive for a substance he used in training before joining the Buccaneers. He did not identify the substance.

"I take full responsibility for my mistake and encourage all athletes to be fully aware of all substances which may be prohibited by the NCAA or their respective sports and leagues," Razzano said.

"I apologize to my family, my coaches, teammates, the ownership and Buccaneer fans for the embarrassment and distraction I have caused. Let my experience be a further lesson for all."

Razzano, a third-stringer who plays behind Mike Alstott and Jameel Cook, was inactive for last Sunday's season opener at Minnesota. He will be eligible to return to the active roster on Oct. 10, a day after Tampa Bay plays the New York Jets.

The suspension follows the arrests this week of reserve cornerback Torrie Cox and offensive assistant Jay Gruden, younger brother of Bucs coach Jon Gruden, on drunken driving charges.

Yep, 3 people busted in this story.


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