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Sunday, September 11, 2005

This week's folly

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/11/2005

We pulled up this week and as we entered the parking lot we noticed 3 cars already parked. We ordered, paid and got to the last window.
"Can you pull forward there, please?"
I looked and noticed the same 3 cars were parked and 2 more were too.
"What are we waiting for?"
"Hash browns."
"And the car behind us has hash browns too, right?"
"Well, if we pull ahead the car behind us will not get their completed order any faster, right?"
"But then they don't have to wait."

Huh? If they pull up and wait they won't have to wait? Somewhere that logic might make sense, but not on this planet.
"I think I'll take my chances right here, but thanks for offering."

We waited 3 minutes from that moment which means that our entire time from payment to pull out was 7 minutes. Terrible. The hash browns by the way were not fresh...they were well done (which I like) but they were not fresh.


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