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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Is this the GOP we want?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/10/2005

So there was a very divisive state chair race a few months ago. The race was about an incompetent incumbent chair that ignored the grassroots or a newcomer. The vice chair was about a crooked politico against a newcomer.

The party-first, values-second types aligned with the incumbent and crook ticket. The incumbent lost and the crook won. Their supporters bitched about how the party was dead.

The problem with the party is NOT about Hoplin's winning or Eibensteiner's losing. Though the deep feelings still affect some narrow minded people but the problems with the party are beyond these obtuse hacks.

Well, maybe not. One of the problems is that too many (most) of the members of the party feel that there is only one way to think on all issues. Otherwise you do not deserve to have a voice.

Take the narrow-minded as an example. If you do not support certain party members then you do not have a voice:
We have elected a guy who has insulted every elected Republican that matters. He refused to mention Mark Kennedy by name as the Senate Candidate.

That blogger was saying that you MUST support king-making (essentially dissing delegates), and that only certain Republicans matter.

That same mentality permeates the party with regard to "pro-life" issues. If you are not 100% pro-life you do not have a place...except when the party wants to pretend that they accept diversity. Too often I have heard GOPers use the fact that they let pro-choicer people speak at the conventions. The truth is that the ONLY pro-choicers that have a place are ones who do not mind being tokens at conventions. Go to any caucus and see how pro-choicers are treated.

The same intolerance is shown with regard to religion. If you do not pound a bible (and it must be a Bible, no Korans allowed) you will not be received in the caucuses.

Oh, yeah, gambling...better be against it or get the hell out of the party. War on Drugs...better support that or shut up. The amount of intolerance within the GOP is becoming their very downfall.

Arrogance? A few years ago the GOP understood the necessity of diversity on issues. Now they think that we should all have one thought.

Is this really the party that we want from the GOP?

Well, is it?


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