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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More partisanship misinformation from the left

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/06/2005

Blogs from the Moderate Left (BML) has an interesting but 100% false claim about himself.
I don't care whether it's a Democratic or Republican screw-up, I want all of them uncovered so no disaster ever debilitates like this one ever again.
Then he goes on to complain that Katrina relief was immediately the jurisdiction of the Federal Government...referring to a law that was not even sourced. BML actually linked to a blog that linked to a blog that linked to the law, the National Response Plan. I read it...obviously none of blogs along that chain did. Otherwise they would have turned their venom towards the cry-baby, panic stricken Mayor of New Orleans or the lacksidaisical Governor of Louisiana.

Hey, BML, if you really don't care if they were Democrat or Republican then why did you ignore what the NRP actually says?

The Governor's responsibility includes:
"coordinating State resources to address the full spectrum of actions to to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents in an all-hazards context to include terrorism, natural disasters, accidents, and other contingencies."

Some plan the Democrat Governor had in place: panic.

The Mayor's responsibility includes: the same coordination responsibilities and:
"has extraordinary powers to suspend local laws and ordinances to establish a curfew, direct evacuations, and, in coordination with the local health authority, to order a quarantine"
"Negotiates and enters into mutual aid agreements with other jurisdictions to facilitate resource-sharing and; Requests State and, if necessary, Federal assistance THROUGH THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE WHEN THE JURISDICTION'S CAPABILITIES HAVE BEEN EXCEEDED OR EXHAUSTED."
(emphasis added)

The Federal Government, including the Secretary of Homeland Security, is responsible for:
"coordinating Federal resources utilized in response to or recovery from terrorist attacks, major disasters, or other emergencies if and when any of the following four conditions applies:
(1) a Federal department or agency acting under its own authority has requested DHS assistance;
(2) the resources of State and local authorities are overwhelmed and Federal assistance has been requested;
(3) more than one Federal department or agency has become substantially involved in responding to the incident; or
(4) the Secretary has been directed to assume incident management responsibilities by the President.
(emphasis added)
It seems fair to criticize the President for not stepping in over the incompetencies of the Mayor and Governor. He could have kicked them out of the picture...but imagine the howling that the left would have done for usurping the local control without being asked!! ("Wah, the law says the Feds have to be asked.") Don't deny it, lefties, we all know it to be true.

It was obvious by Tuesday night that the responsible parties (the New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor) did not do ANYTHING within their responsibilities. Why have they escaped being run out of office? Where is the talk of their impeachment? Why are the media not focusing their hatred towards them?

Again, the President did the right thing (waited a short bit, recognized that the Democrat mayor and Democrat governor were unwilling to do their jobs and then acted). But no matter what he does the left will go after him. Pure hatred is all that it is.

Turn your venom where it should be...the incompetent Mayor who knew nothing except panic. I do not care what party he is from, he is the one who failed to have a plan (obviously) and failed to ask for help as required by law and has been failing to coordinate aid efforts and failed to "suspend local laws" to properly evacuate the city.


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