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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Park me for what?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/03/2005

McDonald's on occassion runs out of product temporarily. If only one or two cars in the drive-thru are being held up the that product and the cars behind them will not be the drive-thru will "park" the car until the item is ready.

For example, if the french fries are out and the first car is the only one needing those they will "park" that car so the 2nd car can get their salad and coke without being unnecessarily delayed.

So today we went to the McDonald's north of us for an order of breakfast. We ordered, paid and as we were pulling up I noticed that 5 cars were "parked". They gave us our drinks and asked us to "pull forward".

"What are we waiting for?" (I always ask that so I know how long is a reasonable wait, being a former employee of McDonald's.)
"We're a little behind on sandwiches, right now."
"Well, since we'll be the 6th car parked I do not want to pull forward. The people behind me are going to be waiting either way. I'll wait here."

Five minutes later we got our food. Considering that our average wait time at that McD when we are parked is 10 minutes I think we did OK. Still...parking 6 cars at a time is NOT a standard that McDonald's tries to hold and five minute waits for sandwiches is also not an acceptable standard.

That is why I posted it today.


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