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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What should happen to New Orleans residents

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/01/2005

I have been thinking about this since the levees broke and I am comfortable with my position on this.

What should be done with the residents of New Orleans?

I presume that when an evacuation order is given people take their identification and important documents. If they did not, then they are out of luck. Those who are being rescued I would hope are being logged somehow...they would qualify for my plan.

I would make loans for people who can prove their residence forgiven. I do not think a just society can expect someone to be evacuated from their home city, told they should not expect to return for months if at all, then expect them to pay debts in the meantime. Their taxes this year also should be forgiven. Sorry private businesses, you just have to take a hit on this one.

There should be some loan backing or such so that people displaced from New Orleans can get house loans and car loans based on their credit and NOT including their income. They will not have jobs or a verifable job history. They will likely be starting at the bottom of a pay scale whereever they go. This is 100% beyond their control. However, their credit history should still follow them.

I would also like to see for the next 12 months New Orleans residents getting hiring priority over all other factors. Affirmative action gives races undue beneficial treatment in hiring for presently no reason (all the past ills are done, over and gone). At least this (New Orleans displaced resident initiative) would be for a harm that presently exists.

Students should be allowed to transfer easily and be given placement tests. They would get placed at whatever grade level is appropriate. High schoolers GPA would have to be based on the remainder of their careers...so Juniors & Seniors actually get a 2nd chance!

These are just some of the things I would like to see happen to help New Orleans residents that are now displaced. Even if the city is rebuilt it will be too long for these people to maintain/resume their lives. They all have to start over. Where is the only question. A just society would help them (one-time only) get back on their feet.


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