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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Could he be talking about me

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/06/2005

Bogus Gold has an interesting comment while presenting his resistance from responding to the politics of the hurricane.
Some notes on post-Katrina posting. I have explicitly avoided political point-taking in the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort so far; finding it unseemly, opportunistic, and crass. You know who you are.

I'm still wondering how those of you who hit that mode on day one have the chutzpah to accuse other[sic] of politicizing the situation (and good Lord, is this ever an obsession with you folks!).

Now, I wonder who he is speaking to. I have much respect Doug and his personal blog. That is with one exception...just say who you are talking about instead of being passive-aggressive please. I do not think he is a very frequent reader of this blog, but IN CASE he is talking about me I wish to respond.

There are some who are playing the blame game to score political points. I think that is tragic. There are a few of us who are willing to fight these people on the ground rules they set (fire with fire). They started with the blame Bush bull within 24 hours of the levees failing and we have been pointing them out.

You see, just as with the War on Terror, you must understand the enemy. The far left is the enemy and the ONLY strength in their "message" rests not in fact or truth but in quantity. They succeed only when the engage in their crap in high volume without due response. They began shooting and we have to shoot back.

If that makes me less of a person, then so be it. I understand the enemy and am willing to fight them in this ideological war for the direction of the country and the minds of the middle. I am willing to get into the front lines while many of the Party Preserving Pundits would rather sit back, pontificate and be nice. Our enemy is not nice.

If replying to them within moments of them politicizing makes me less respecting of the disaster in your eyes, then you do not understand your enemy and how to hold ground with them. But, so be it.

And if you were not referring to me...then NEVERMIND.



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