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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Families want WTC memorial about 9/11 only

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/11/2005

The families get it!

This story was the first story I read today and it was so encouraging to me. The families get it...at least some of them do.
Family members worry the International Freedom Center will take attention away from those who died in the attack. They said the museum should not be allowed to show exhibits about struggles for freedom around the world.

"These are important stories to tell," said Jack Lynch, whose firefighter son Michael Lynch is one of the 2,749 people who died at the trade center. "Elsewhere, not at America's memorial."

Exactly correct!!
"The IFC threatens to turn ground zero into a place of endless controversy rather than a place of honor," said Anthony Gardner, whose brother Harvey died at the trade center.

Exactly correct. Look at the controversy already created.

The ones who DON'T get it?
"We respect those family members who believe that the World Trade Center site should be limited to the memorial and memorial center museum, even as we and other family members believe that a living memorial, reflecting our common resolve to preserve freedom, should also have a place on this sacred ground," Freedom Center chairman Tom Bernstein

No, Tom, it should be 100% about 9/11. Nothing else. Why should the 9/11 memorial be treated differently than the Oklahoma City memorial? It should not. The 9/11 memorial should be 100% about 9/11. If you want a "freedom memorial" then go build it somewhere else and stop politicizing this memorial.

Tom, what do we do about the Holocaust memorial in Washington DC? Do we take down the war memorials related to the other "events" planned at the IFC? Maybe we should take down all of the memorials in the United States because the IFC will already be representing them.

Kill the IFC project. Make the WTC memorial about one thing: 9/11/2001. See we are forgetting everything about 9/11/2001 and making it into just another holiday.


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