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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Today's Show

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/25/2005

I have not really made it a habit to summarize or comment on shows that we have completed, but this one was different.

First we had more guests than we had chairs. Marty had the idea of bringing some bloggers in for analysis. He chose Mitch Berg, King Banaian, and Andy Aplikowski.

Secondly this show was one of the most fun events I have been to politically in a LONG time.

Mostly I had the chance to learn A TON from Mitch and King. They are part of the Northern Alliance Radio Network and have a lot of radio experience that I take notes from. Invaluable is the only way I can describe all that I got from them today both during the show and after.

Some of the wrap-up:
Andy at Residual Forces recapped it here.
I don’t quite know what to say about Jay Esmay’s call into the show. I’ve been trying to be fair and balanced to all the candidates on this blog, and I was attempting to on the show today. We were discussing Esmay and we kind of… were… well… tough on him. I think all is fair in ‘love and ploitics’ [sic]. Maybe I was mis-stating his positions, but the others were not exactly on his side. I don’t remember the specific exchange, but I can say this. If you are ever a candidate for office, and someone is talking about you on the radio in unflattering ways, don’t call in unless they ask you to.

Yep, Marty said that Jay Esmay kind of dodged some questions and Esmay called in to defend himself. His exact words to the screener were, "Jay Esmay doesn't dodge questions." It was a very interesting exchange between Mitch, Marty and Jay which I think Jay's inexperience ended up hurting him a bit.

King's pre-show comment:
I'll be on Race to the Right on KNSI with Martin Andrade tomorrow. 1-3pm at 1450 KNSI; at last local folks can hear me without a webstream. Not local? Marty's got streaming action. BTW, Marty, it's Banaian. Every other letter is an 'A'. Just ask Foot: He always spells my name so well.
Thanks...I think I have brutalized the spelling as well.

Mitch's pre-show comment:
I'm going to be appearing on Race To The Right, on KNSI (AM1450 in Saint Cloud, plus available on the website) with King, Andy from Residual Forces, as well as hosts Tony Garcia and Marty Andrade. We're going to be talking about the Sixth District house race, among many other things.

Marty's summary:
Race to the Right was a blast today. King Banaian is awesome, Mitch Berg is almost as awesome (but "classier") Andy Aplikowski was pronouncable for the first half hour, and Tony and I did our normal walk through excellence.

Too bad Psycmiester didn't ID himself, else we could have had a lot more fun with him and his comments (Next time buddy). Even my mother, who doesn't like conservative radio all that much, enjoyed listening to the show.

And speaking of Psycmeister, he did call twice. We could not let him on a second time as a caller and we did not know that he was a fellow MOBster. Sorry, Leo. His comments are here. Actually he gave us the 11 reasons that he should have been invited to join us on the show.

Podcast is available...just click here.

The podcast link is fixed and working.


Blogger lloydletta said...

Andy's comment that Michele is ticking off the upper echelon in the 6th District Republicans.

September 26, 2005  

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