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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No shame from Rowley's campaign

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/29/2005

I posted about how Coleen Rowley tried to deliberately deceive the public by routing a discussion about Able Danger through her campaign website while maintaining that her appearance on KSTP was 100% unrelated to her campaign.

"Ethical Decision Making"--that is her slogan...but her newsletters & updates seem to paint a different picture. One of hypocrisy and deception. (-3 for each of those).

Now there is another horrible wrinkle...the abhorring objectification of children. Worse than that, of her own flesh & blood.
It's horrible to consider that my little granddaughter Olivia was born (along with every other baby in 2005!), already owing the Bush/DeLay 'birth tax' of $36,000 which represents their obligation to pay off the deficit. We must stop the Bush Administration's reckless spending, balance the budget and stop cutting our children's future short.
That's on the front page of her Campaign Website. (-5 for that).


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