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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Inside MN Politics has gone too far

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/23/2005

First and most importantly there is someone in need of assistance...Please go here to help with Minnesota Democrat's Exposed with his coming legal fight.

Why is he in a fight?

Inside Minnesota Politics (IMP) is a low-grade podcast for substandard subjective political analysis. To say they are biased is an understatement and all while they act defensive when called on their lack of objectivity.

While I think they are the epitome of a big problem with politics and the "media" that pales in comparison to the intimidation that they are trying to engage in.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) is an anonymous blogger. His mission is to utilize his contacts in an anonymous manner to, well, expose Democrats. He, more so than even Drudge, is rarely off-the-mark. Many Democrats hate him for this and have tried many tricks to expose him thus ending the exposition of shenanigans from the DFL.

So, in an effort to end the anonymity the partisan hacks of IMP have tried to abuse the court system for one reason and one reason alone...force MDE's Internet Service Provider to hand over identifying information. The facade of their ploy has to do with an image from their website that many bloggers used (was there a copyright?) Oddly Predictably none of those other bloggers are being harrassed through the legal system.

Why is anonymity so important to the political process? Because sometimes information that needs to be public will not become public for fear of reprisals. In some instances that is for fear of loss of job. In others it could be fear of loss of limb or life.

Why is anonymity so important to the political process? Because sometimes information that needs to be public can only become so with unknown access. How do you think the Watergate break-in uncovering was possible?

Sometimes it is necessary to expose something that is wrong. Whistleblowers get this kind of protection. Anonymous sources for newspapers also get this protection. It is absolutely necessary for the health of an open and free society.

The very fact that IMP is trying to undermine the sanctity of anonymity shows a very explicit and blatant hatred of freedom and this country. Frankly I would be willing to bet the folks behind IMP think that Deep Throat was a hero. I am willing to bet they would go to court to protect any anonymous source that they ever got in the future.

As long as what is being reported on sites like MDE are done in good faith and are factually based (not perfect, hence the good-faith part) they are doing a service to the citizens. This is not about Left and Right as you will see in the list of links supporting MDE from politically motivated legal intimidation by Inside Minnesota Politics. There are "lefty" bloggers who understand how crucially important anonymity is.

The Smart Ones coming to MDE's defense.
Kennedy v Machine
North Star Politics
MN Lefty Liberal (whose original author was chased away by similar tactics)
Almost On The Range
Savage Republican
Pair 'O Dice
Bogus Gold
Residual Forces
Rep. John Jordan
Cake Eater Chronicles
Republican Minnesota
Kool Aid Report
Shot In The Dark

********** UPDATE **********
For those who want to know what picture is causing all the fuss send to me an e-mail and I may e-mail the picture to you. tony at racetotheright.com

********** UPDATE ********** 11/24/05
First, Welcome to all of the visitors from MDE. This is an important cause for all bloggers.

Second, props to more bloggers and a GREAT clarion call from Minnesota Blue
Good post from The First Ring
Cold Hearted Truth...one thing CH, some are anonymous for safety reasons.


Blogger lloydletta said...

While some are anonymous because of fear of losing their jobs (whistle blowers), or safety, I don't believe this to be the case with MDE.... He claims to have gotten emails threatening him - but he never reported those threats to police.

November 25, 2005  
Blogger Marty said...

But it's his right Eva. Maybe his anonymity puts the information he produces under scrutiny. Fine, but it's his right to remain anonymous.

November 25, 2005  

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