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Monday, November 07, 2005

Trade Sports Alito contracts

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/07/2005

As of today the market is predicting that Alito will be confirmed (89.9%). By how many votes is another question.

Will Alito get:
40 votes...98.9%
50 votes...94.9%
60 votes...79.9%
70 votes...32.9%
80 votes...9.0%
90 votes...3.9%

Another event of interest is whether there will be a confirmed case of Bird Flu in the U.S. Will that happen before the end of December 2005 (29.3%) or by the end of March 2006 (53.0%)?

As you look at these percentages if any of them seem low then that would be an investment opportunity for you. The percentage not only is the "chance of event happening" but the percentage of $10.00 that each contract would cost. If you are correct then each contract you purchased would be redeemed at $10.00.

Let's see what happens with those prices.


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