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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christian Sande (Secretary of State)

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/22/2006

Christian Sande is running as DFL candidate for the Secretary of State. He gets a head start simply for being an opponent of Mary Kiffmeyer. But now let's score him through his website.

Sadly his website has NO insight into his positions on anything much less positions as a Secretary of State candidate. I find this a troubling pattern from the DFL candidates. As I said before, of all of the positions on the ballot the one that should be most concerned about an informed voting population is the Secretary of State. This lack of position would not be as heavily downgraded in other races. For this one it is marked down heavily (- 5).

With no stated platform we can only judge him on those he surrounds himself with. This is also very empty aside from the quotes/support from people. He is an environmentalist which has become the nice way of saying tree-hugger (- 3). He is a lawyer that has sued investment funds and Minnesota businesses. Hardly the right thing for "past experience" when running for the Secretary of State's office (- 5).

Names that Christian drops on his website that warrant scoreboard adjustments are Wendy Wilde (- 1), Vance Opperman (- 2), Bruce Vento (- 1) and David Lillehaug (- 1). I hit the reference to Vance double since it was in bold face.

Again, because there is no platform on issues we are left to simply analyze his associations with people and with phrases he deems important. One of those is "dealt with Republican challengers sent to indimidate Minnesota voter." This shows how incredibly incapable Christian is to hold an office that is should be as non-partisan as possible. For all of the criticism (some legitimate) that Kiffmeyer gets for being partisan I find it incredible that both of the DFL candidates have indications that they will be just as "dangerous" as the DFL claims Kiffmeyer is. Based on the standard that the Left is holding Kiffmeyer to I will apply heavier penalties for these indicators from DFL candidates. Therefore this phrase from a DFL gets heavy penalties (- 5).

Since that is about all that is available on Sande's website I can give no meaningful analysis.

I have a total adjustment of -23 to the +5 headstart giving Sande a -18.


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