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Friday, January 20, 2006

Becky Lourey's platform

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/20/2006

I have a feeling this could get ugly...
Universal Health Care. That alone gets - 1 as it is the first issue she lists AND her "top priority as Governor". When I read more about this platform issue I find more reasons to reduce her points. "[B]asic human right to access [affordable] health care" starts things off. (- 3) I cannot stand when people create "rights". To top it off she wants ME to pay for someone else's "right". A right does not impede on others rights. "[E]very single Minnesotan needs, deserves and should receive quality basic health care..." (- 3). Beck, let me tell ya. If they want the health care they gotta pay for it. Some of us pay for it through our labor as our employers pay for our coverage to make our fringe benefits worthy of maintaining employees. Your failure to understand this concept does not give me for a free world in your panacea...in fact, I think your panacea would lead us to a Leninist type government. BTW, Becky, that is NOT a compliment.

Quality Education. This issue did not offer much to really evaluate (and I don't know what she means by "Minnesota Miracle"). "To educate all our citizens to fulfill their highest potential..." sounds great, but does that mean you are willing to say that some people just are not capable of entering a 4-year college? I did not see that and without this balance (acknowledging that some people's potential for edu-ma-cation is not very high) I think we are at odds on this platform...thus - 1. Additionally I want to ask the question...if your premise is that the quality of education should not be determined by where a person is born then why do you only care for children of one state? What prevents you from pushing for it nationally? Why not a platform that pushes the curriculum determination to Washington? Why stop it in St Paul? For this intellectual conflict I must give another - 1.

Effective Transportation. Yes, we need a transportation grid that moves people AND PRODUCTS. Roads are crucial in this. Commuter rail is not. - 3 for her advocacy of commuter rail. BTW, she also calls for the prioritizing of projects that reduce pollution. Which ones? Commuter rail does NOT reduce congestion so which projects are you speaking of? I have a hunch these facts do not matter and she is meaning to give priority to rail...but I will not take points off on a hunch. However, I think the biofuels debacle this year (they clog engines, not fuel them) coupled with her continued advocacy for these boondoogle to appease farmers who want subsidies warrants - 2.

The last two planks are over the top tree hugger eutopian stuff. Rather than wasting my energy describing why I'm docking her I will just dock her - 5 for both planks together.

By my count that is a total of - 19. The scary part is that she did not list as much for a platform as Kelley and she lost as many points. What I find interesting also is how little room there is for common ground. I want a free society and she seems to advocate for a USSR-style government. I love freedom and she seems to push for big-government control on every aspect of life.


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