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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Features of the blog--The Election Scoreboard

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/17/2006

Note: This was originally scheduled to be posted while I was on vacation. Since I will be very busy catching up from the vacation I will post this now.

There is no avoiding the fact that this is a blog that centers a lot on politics. I decided to find a very open and public method for describing my endorsement process. Down the right hand side of the blog is a list of Minnesota races and the candidates with a score. You can see at a glance how strongly an endorsement (and consequently my support both on the air and as a volunteer) will be for the various candidates.

Click on the scoreboard picture and you will see the archive of blog posts that affect any candidate's endorsement score. If the decisioin had to be made today the person with the highest positive score would (a) get my vote, (b) get my endorsement and (c) if the score is a positive number, may get my volunteer services, my lawn for a sign, etc. I do not care about party necessarily. Republicans get an intial advantage (that is the extent of party loyalty I allow myself) and the rest is based on their answers in debates, their state positions, things they say and/or do, etc.

There are 2 hard rules I will maintain. The scoreboard will ONLY be changed by items in this blog. There may be a story I hear about which would change a score, but if I do not blog about it there will be no change to the score. Essentially, if it was not important enough for me to write then it should not be important enough to affect their standing with me as a voter and a delegate.

The other rule is that it is strictly MY opinion. Read for your own amusement, enlightenment, entertainment or education...unless I have fact incorrect there will be no change to how I assess the scores. I admit that it is still highly subjective, but hey, that is how opinions go. But at least the readers and candidates can see how things are coming across and why.

And, yep, that is not a joke. I think Sabo is so extremely dangerous that I would vote for ANYONE besides him.

So, enjoy.


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