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Friday, January 13, 2006

Germany and US united against Iran

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/13/2006

It is about time. Finally Europe (at least Germany) is understanding the need for striking an Empire of Evil BEFORE the Evil strikes them.
In Washington, President Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged U.N. intervention. The world needs to "send a common message to Iran that their behavior … is unacceptable," Bush said.

An end to U.N. inspections would be a dramatic breakdown in the already faltering diplomatic attempts at reining in Iran's nuclear ambitions. The United States and many in Europe fear Iran aims to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran insists its program is peaceful, intended only to produce electricity. But it has insisted on its right to conduct uranium enrichment, a process that can produce reactor fuel or material for a nuclear bomb.
Sanctions, smanctions...just bomb Iran into oblivion. And Germany, thanks for finally joining the fight against evil. Too bad you do not have the forsight to join BEFORE your interests are at risk.

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