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Friday, January 13, 2006

More Ohio school education

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/13/2006

Remember Ohio's education system. The revelation continues.
A high school research assignment on Internet pornography was canceled after parents in this Cleveland suburb complained.

Superintendent Jeff Lampert said that although the teacher's apparent goal _ to discuss the harmful effects of pornography _ was well- intentioned, he agreed with parents that the assignment was inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old freshmen at Brooklyn High.

The assignment asked students to research pornography on the Internet and list eight facts about pornography. Students also were asked to write their personal views of pornography and any experience they had with it.

Lampert said he doubted the teacher would face any punishment.
I think the most disturbing part is that the teacher is not going to face any punishment.

This may be an isolated incident or a larger recurring problem throughout the American education system. My hunch is the latter...an absolute disregard for Right vs Wrong, Good vs Bad, Proper vs Improper. The poor judgement combined with the invincibility of tenure that is given to teachers with very little merit. (Yep, no matter how badly a teacher performs they can get tenure after a horribly short period of time.)

Education is broken and getting worse. The things necessary to fix it are being resisted by the teacher's union. This horrible story is just one example of the problems of education and the resistance towards fixing those problems. By not firing the teacher there is little proof the administration feels anything was actually improper. In fact, they found the whole concept "well-intentioned." Scary.


Blogger Hasty Typist said...

Your conclusions seem a bit hasty and ill thought out. You cannot assume to know what the principal truly feels in this situation without doing more research. And while the teacher clearly seems inept, I don't think that you can realistically extend it to mean that the larger educational system doesn't care to discern right from wrong. There are so many teachers and administrators who do care and do make it their work to provide a solid education for their schoolchildren, despite whatever resources they lack.

January 17, 2006  

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