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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

She is a racist, plain and simple

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/18/2006

I explained yesterday how the black leaders are not really worried about racism. One of the examples was the rationalization of Hilary Clinton's (D-NY) comments comparing Congress to a plantation. Ah, yes, the time tested tactic of projection...she has an inability to see people without regard to color but she projects that racism onto other people. And of course, as we have been seeing in the Alito confirmations, the Democrat tactic of exploiting the issue of race has reared its ugly head.

Rather than be intellectually honest the Left has been rallying around Clinton's comments. The latest person to fail calling out a racist is Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).
"I think what Senator Clinton was referring to was … that there's been a consolidation of power by the Republican Congress and this White House," Obama said on CNN's "American Morning" show.

"What you've seen systematically, I think, over the years since the Bush administration came into power is constant consolidation of power by the Republican Party in the White House, in Congress, shutting out Democrats and people who are not willing to pay to play in conference committees -- the various negotiations on legislation -- the K Street project, in which members like Tom DeLay told lobbyists that they could not hire Democrats," Obama said on ABC's "Good Morning America."
No. If that is what she meant on Monday then she would have have said so yesterday. Instead she reaffirmed her comment...which had only one purpose: to incinte racial problems and anger.

Again, these people are not helping race relations they are destroying them. You can not stop a fire from burning your house down when you keep trying to fan the flames.


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