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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ford cutting jobs

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/23/2006

Those of us who live in or around the Twin Cities have heard non-stop about Ford's pending announcement listing which plants will be closing. St Paul is expected to be one of the plants...and why wouldn't St Paul be closed.

We have just had a St Paul mayor's election where the business friendly candidate lost to a business hostile candidate.

We have a "conservative" Governor giving strong indications that fiscal responsibility are pipe dreams this year. Actually, we have a Governor whose bonding bill proposal shows us that there is little fiscal awareness in the coming years.

Without fiscal responsibility there will be a need to extract more money from the taxpayers (businesses included) to make the government ends meet. How onerous is it getting? From personal experience my wife and I are now calculating next year's tax bill to see if we want to take certain promotions which will put us into the next tax bracket. Our net could potentially be lower (because of the progressivity of the tax codes) and the fact that our state is looking at spending problems continuing does not give us hope. We are looking for positions out of state as options.

Without getting into a big discussion about the stupid idea of progressive tax rates or the broken mentality of tax hikes to increase state revenues I will say that tax hikes decrease revenues.

So with all that is going on in the state why would Ford keep a plant open in a state that is moving towards a hostile business atmosphere? In other words, why should Ford keep the St Paul plant open?

You lovers of government spending made this situation...accept the responsibility of it. Take ownership of the results of your ideas.

********** UPDATE **********
St Paul was not named to be closed, but let that scare be a wake-up call to the government spenders!!


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