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Friday, February 17, 2006

IMP co-host is running for Senate

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/17/2006

According to Inside Minnesota Politics lastest release:
Peter Idusogie today announced his intention to run for the US Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton.

In an exclusive interview with Wendy Wilde on Inside Minnesota Politics, Idusogie said he will run as an independent candidate "independent of the Democratic Party, independent of the Republican Party, and independent of the Independence party".
Yeah, he fits perfectly in the radical wing of the Democrat party but two weeks ago treated Ford Bell's attack against "kingmaking" as ridiculous expectations. Basically Idusogie said Bell should not be surprised by the kingmaking and should accept it. So it is no surprise that Idusogie is running as an "independent".
Inside Minnesota Politics Producer Mike McIntee issued the following statement:

"To avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest, Peter and I have decided it is best that he no longer host Inside Minnesota Politics. However, the podcast will continue with its mission to report on Minnesota politics including interviewing candidates, and tackling those tough issues we face today in our democracy.
"Like any other US Senate candidate, Peter will be welcome as an occasional guest at the Inside Minnesota Politics microphone.

"I'm happy to report that long-time radio talk show host Wendy Wilde has agreed to help out with hosting the show. Wendy most recently was the morning host on Air America Minnesota and before that worked for WCCO-AM.
"I thank Peter for the inspiration he has brought our podcast listeners and me. I look forward to maintaining the high level of quality Peter has brought to Inside Minnesota Politics with the help of the incredibly knowledgeable and talented Wendy Wilde."
I have been blasting this little show for two reasons. First their brazen efforts to shut down debate, especially to take them to task, through threatening phone calls and lawsuit threats. Second, they claim to be "fair and balanced" but are far from that. They are, in essence, lying to the listeners intentionally with the purpose of political advantage.

And to further emphasise the point of their biased nature look who is replacing Idusogie: the shrill liberal extremist Wendy Wilde. Let us be very honest about her sole talent: hackery. And that does NOT include factuality or truth.

Interesting developments.


Blogger Douglas said...

Is there anyone NOT running for Senate? Oh, yes, Patty Wetterling. Can I have some of the million dollars she raised?

February 17, 2006  

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