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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Media suck I hope they wither away

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/16/2006

I am sick of the Cheney shooting story. There is a very real tragedy. "That man", "the victim"...the man Cheney shot whose name most people cannot provide, was shot. Harry Whittington is his name for those of you who are too insensitive to actually mention him in any fashion besides his actual name.

Now the latest issue is that Cheney spoke out in an interview with FoxNews.

I'm not kidding. The Democrats now are criticizing Cheney for doing an interview with Fox News.
"Now that he feels forced to talk, he wants to restrict the discussion to a friendly news outlet, guaranteeing no hard questions from the press corps," Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., said in a statement.
Shut up already, please. Is this really any different from other politicians who pick and choose where they will be interviewed? No.

Remember, Amy Klobuchar has yet to respond to invitations to be interviewed or be in a debate on our conservative talk show. Where is the scandal over that? This is the media and the Democrats absolutely desperate for any scandal that they are now grasping at anything...even fabrications.

The man is in the middle of a tragedy...in his personal life, mind you. Remember that distinction from the sympathizers? "Who cares what he did in his PERSONAL life?" And in the midst of the personal tragedy the media and the Democrats are making unreasonable demands of him. "Notify the specific chosen media prior to notifying the property owners and the family of Harry Whittington. On top of that crass course of action a hostile envrionment must be sought for a public address."

Give me a break.

This whole ordeal is proving a few things that people have been saying for a long time.

First, the media are absolutely heartless AND biased. Here they are ignoring the responsibility of a human being to make the proper notifications PRIOR to making a tragedy open to the public. Yes, Cheney is a part of the public, but Whittington is not. His family deserves to be notified first hand by his hunting group...not by the headline news network hyenas. I would venture so far as to say that jounalists for the most part have no true humanity within them.

Second, the Left have nothing positive to say...at all. They are latching on the most ridiculous assertions, demanding the most cold-hearted courses of action and a double standard that is indefensible. They would have NEVER demanded Gore to answer questions in a press conference amongst the media "elite" for their own egos to be met. "See, we're important, we are being given the stories."

Third, the mainstream media is becoming more and more irrelevant. They should wither and dry a quick death. Because some of the truly hoodwinked people in this country really do not understand how horrible the media actually are the death will be a slow, writhing and torturous death. That is fine with the execption of the fact that we all will have to suffer more of this insufferable agonizing fiction the MSM present as news. Bias is shown in the very fact they parade the Hunting Accident as among the top stories for nearly a week now is proof that they are not reporting NEWS as it comes in, but engaged in agenda-driven editorializing through the constant reporting of accident over other stories (like the fact that a smoking gun about WMD was found). Bias is found in the fact that the media is whining about the delay between the accident and GIVING the story to the media (pales in time and magnitude when compared to the approx. 30 hours the Clinton administration waited to report Vince Foster's suicide). Bias is found in the fact that the news being reported is a (created) controversy regarding the choice of network by Cheney to actually speak about the incident to the public.

Fourth, the Democrats have truly become tragedy whores. The basic whine from them is that Cheney did NOT treat this incident as politics as usual which would have required him to report to the media first and everyone else be damned. The Democrats were trying to make a political issue of another tragedy. I say another because Katrina, Sheehan, King's funeral...you get the idea.

These are the truths that are ACTUALLY coming out of this Hunting Accident. They are ugly truths, but they are truths.

If you are wondering why politics is such a horrible and broken segment of our society just look at these truths...and you can find them behind EVERY SINGLE TRAGEDY.


Blogger Pete Arnold said...

"Fourth, the Democrats have truly become tragedy whores. The basic whine from them is that Cheney did NOT treat this incident as politics as usual which would have required him to report to the media first and everyone else be damned."

Right.. Much like Clinton called the news immediatly when he started having an affair with an intern?

Democrats suck.

February 22, 2006  

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