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Thursday, February 09, 2006

More evidence...IMP are hacks

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/09/2006

(H/T: MDE)
The hacks at Inside Minnesota Politics have claimed to be fair & balanced. The facts are completely opposite.

When they talk about "Bush taking a shot at Tim Pawlenty" they present that as a fact. The TRUTH (which these idiots know nothing about) is they were making a huge guess.

They mentioned Patty Wetterling's broken promise. Who did they attack? El Tinklenberg and then profess as fact the coming negative ads from Republicans. No basis for the smear from Peter Idusogie. Then Mike (Peter's lapdog) claims that Mark Kennedy beat Patty Wetterling in 2004 by going negative in ads. Uh, no. Then they say that they "have to get [Tinklenberg] on their show" to give him a chance to refute the IMP pap. Odd, for a "fair" show they have YET to have anyone right of center on their show.

The truth about these people is they are puppets of the far left. In fact, Mike the lapdog is a co-author of Daily Kos...the uber-socialist blog that think moderates are too far to the right.

Mike tried to find every reason to bash Republicans (not good form from "fair & balanced") to the point that he attacks Mark Kennedy for not being at every single Bush appearance in Minnesota. At least Peter had a brief moment of honesty saying that Kennedy cannot be expected to leave his current district all of the time, to which Mike said 'you're giving him an excuse'. "I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt" was Peter's.

They started talking about the latest instance of smear tactics from Rowley. Yep, she gave a disingenuous apology (only because she was caught by the media). The imps gave her a pass. "Negative ads did not start with Coleen Rowley...they started with Republicans." Not only is that a factless claim but proves an incredibly biased pair of hosts. They then justify Rowley's actions (the Nazi photo) saying it is OK since Cheney swore at a Democrat in the Senate "halls of power" during the 2004 campaign. They further excuse Rowley's actions by claiming (again, arguably not true) that Rowley is ethical. If she were ethical none of the lies eminating from her campaign would be allowed to flow out of the campaign...like the raunchy sewer gas that it is.

Kline's response to the half-hearted apology was to point out the fact the Rowley campaign has been a non-stop smear campaign. This is a fact. Yet the punks at IMP fail to mention this part of Rowley's campaign's history and hold her accountable.

The real laugher is at the end of the Democrat talking point show they actually say they are "fair and balanced".

I posted this on their blog:"It is comical that you guys claim "fair & balanced". It looks we will have to do another show exposing this fallacy...complete with clips to demonstrate our point.

You are welcome to call in to defend yourselves."

We'll see if they are men enough to come on our show or the cowards that I bet they are. I doubt it.


Blogger Leo Pusateri said...

Ever since Blois Olson's attack on MDE, I have accorded every "Inside Minnesota Politics" email the treatment it deserves--

Into the trash without reading it.

February 09, 2006  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

LOL...I am torn between going on the offensive against their pure crap thus exposing them for the frauds they are OR ignoring them and leaving them to the irrelevance they deserve.

They better hope I don't end up on a Minneapolis based radio station...the decision will be very easy then.

February 09, 2006  

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