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Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl XL

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/03/2006

Here we go...days away from the Big Game. I mean, Super Bowl XL. I have my reasons for wanting to root for the Steelers. They are a well run organization. They understand teams have highs and lows and they don't fire coaches because of a couple of bad seasons. Cowher is a good enough guy and I would love to see if a title will make him smile for more than a few seconds. Jerome Bettis is a good guy and I would love to see him go out on top.

But do I think they can win?

Yep. They are a more mature team, have a very good quarterback, running back corps, receiver corps, line, defense...you get the picture. Not to take anything away from Seattle...they are also a very complete team. I think the difference will be "meanness". I believe the Steelers are a meaner, harder hitting team. That will be the difference.

What do the predictors say? TradeSports has Pittsburgh with a 62.9% chance of winning. Granted anything between 40%-60% is uncertain, but 62.9% is rather close to the "Steelers are strong favorites" side. While I did not get their predictions for the Divisional playoffs they went 3-3 otherwise.

Glenn Beck's Moron Trivia predicts Pittsburgh to win. They have a 3 game correctness streak and overall for the season are 10-4.

How am I doing? I am 7-3 this postseason. Both right in the Conference Championships, split the Divisional Games and went 3-1 in the Wild Cards. So, if you are a technical investor all signs look good for the Steelers.

One observation...and this is where my more solid prediction is. When the experts expect a great game it turns out to be a blowout. When there is a strong favorite it typically is a close game or an upset. Now, you decide if a 4 point betting line is a strong favorite. To me it is not.

I predict a blowout, I predict the Steelers to win and I am rooting for them as well. Where will I be watching the game? After the radio show I will be at the Red Carpet Entertainment Center in St Cloud for the KNSI SB OX III

Have fun...at think of what your favorite commercial was. There will be an open thread about that on Monday.

********** UPDATE **********
A new page of reference has been added to the archives. It is the list of Super Bowls.


Blogger W.B. Picklesworth said...

I have also chosen Pittsburgh, but for different reasons.

Your reference to blowouts was interesting. There have been tons of them in Super Bowl history. However, things have tightened up in the last few years. The Steelers defense is too good to give up 45 and their offense isn't good enough to score that many. I think the final score will be relatively close and I hope it's a classic.

February 03, 2006  
Blogger Marty said...

I disagree with Ben, this will be a blowout for the Steelers. Reason, Seattle is the home of liberal snoots. Total number of professional titles to Seattle sports teams in 30 years: 1.

More proof that socialism doesn't work.

February 03, 2006  

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