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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What a steaming pile from Rowley

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/01/2006

So Coleen Rowley approves of a posting on her campaign website that accuses her opponent of being against someone who fought the KKK. In the process she approved a picture likening her opponent to a Nazi. Somehow through all of that she actually has the audacity to claim that there never was any intent to "to disparage [Kline's] name"

Lie. Every single post has been nothing but fabricated charges and insinuations designed specifically to disparage his name. Why should anyone believe otherwise, Ms. 'Ethical Decision Making'?

Let us not forget her mud-slinging standards of guilt by party membership.

Her apology rings hollow. After seeing what her campaign has done to create ficticious "facts" in order to smear her opponent's name and reputation the following is as worthy of paying attention to as the toliet paper AFTER being used.
Dear Representative John Kline,

I sincerely apologize for having offended you with the picture that was posted on my blog. I assure you that was not the intent. More importantly, superimposing your face on the Colonel Klink character from the "Hogan's Heroes" sitcom is something that does not belong on a congressional campaign website. I apologize to you, as well as any other offended person, for this error in professionalism.

Please know that in no way did I intend to disparage your name, nor your honorable military service to our country. [This is a fresh steaming pile of, well, you know.]

These are critical times, and the people of MN's 2nd District deserve a campaign about ideas and substance, not doctored photos [or fabricated implications]. For that reason, I further apologize to the voters for shifting the focus to such superficial matters. [Shifting? Your campaign STARTED there. It has yet to be about serious and honest debate.]

Looking forward to November [I think you better worry about September, first.], this episode illustrates the need for civility and serious debate above all else. [Too bad you threw that out the window from day one with your smear campaign.] Towards that end, I will do everything in my power to ensure this type of material does not emanate from my campaign again.


Coleen Rowley
Notice, now that she is feigning civility the word "Nazi" was not used. There is a deliberate purpose to this. The whole game plan was to downplay this as another thing "blown out of proportion". By leaving out the real intent of the picture, the "Nazi" part, the impact appears to the average idiot believing her apology to be minimal.

I think it is time to provide a full assault against this "ethical decision making" on the show. Coleen, if you dare, call in. It will be the only chance at rebuttal you may get. Anyone who wants to contact Kline so he can give a statement should tell him to do so.

320-251-1990, we air from 1PM-3PM and can be heard live (see the top of the right column of the blog for details or go to RaceToTheRight.com.

********** UPDATE **********
Rep. Kline's office informed me that there is a scheduling conflict preventing him from being able to be on this Sunday's show. I'm still waiting to hear from Rowley's campaign.

I have met Rowley on several occassions PRIOR to her run for office. She was a very nice and personable individual. While I do not doubt she is still nice I have to say I cannot consider her to be an "honorable" or "ethical" person any longer. And I believe all of her credibility relating to her knowledge and experience from her FBI career is gone. She is and forever will be a partisan hack.


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