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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sabo sees scoreboard and retires

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/18/2006

Martin Sabo is retiring. The hot rumor is that he saw his score on this blog (the -99 for him and +99 for any competitor) demonstrating his inability to win the endorsement of of this blog and decided to retire.

In all seriousness this is a retirement we should be celebrating. No, the GOP cannot win this seat. Minneapolis is a lost cause (and the damage will be felf for decades to come). He is credited with securing the funds that made the North Star rail nonsense continue on. He is credited with securing funding for the worst boondoggle in this state (worse than even the Metrodome): Light Rail.
State Sen. Wes Skoglund, a friend, says Sabo has played a key role in a long list of projects in and out of his district.

"No light rail if it wasn't for Martin Sabo, I don't know that the Northstar corridor would be going through without Martin Sabo, noise insulation at the airport," says Skoglund. "The list goes on and on. He's been a watchdog on how the government spends its money on military things, putting money forward where we really should and curbing the spending where we shouldn't."
Good to see him go. Maybe the beginning of the end of frivilous spending will arrive as Sabo departs. I for one will not miss him.


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