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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NBA Playoffs 2006--Conference Finals

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/23/2006

Here we are...the NBA's second season. The first round has already started but as typical each year the first game of each series is barely a surprise.
YES, I know the 2nd Round already started. I have been sick and busy. The status of the series as they are right now does not change what I predict and my predictions are not terribly out of line with the conventional wisdom.

Eastern Conference
#2 vs #1
Years ago I was in a debate that lasted years. Was Pat Riley, then the coach of the Lakers, a great coach or just the guy at the helm of a team with great players? I have to wonder the same now about Flip Saunders...how could a team as talented as the Pistons, as dominating as the Pistons have so much trouble with a team 14 games worse than them? Well, the two coaches face off in this series. The Heat are the better coached team, maybe, and the Pistons are the more talented team, maybe. One other factor is the Heat have been resting for a full week while the Pistons just finished a 7-game battle on Sunday. In the end I think the Pistons' talent will take care of the Heat and overcome the fatigue advantage the Heat will have.

Pistons in 6.

Western Conference
#4 vs #2
Sadly the Mavericks just came out of the Western Conference's premiere matchup. They did it in 7 games with the 7th game going into overtime. Now they play the Suns. The Suns also went 7 games in the 2nd round. The difference here is that Dallas was evenly matched with the best in the West...possibly the best in the NBA. The Suns are not at that level. It should be an interesting series but the Mavericks should be on their way to their first Conference Title.

Mavericks in 6.


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