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Thursday, May 18, 2006

NHL Playoffs 2006--Round 2

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/18/2006

Round Two finished last night and here are the results:

#4 vs #1
Buffalo beat Ottawa in 5 games. This was an incredible series and was much closer than the 4 games-to-1 would otherwise indicate. Three of the games went into overtime and ALL of the games were decided by 1 goal.

#3 vs #2
I do not have much to say about this except the Hurricanes won in 5 games. Blowout in Game 1 and the rest of the games were relatively close. Carolina will face Buffalo in the Conference Finals.

#8 vs #5
I don't know much about the NHL, but I don't think a #8 seed being in the Conference Finals is normal. The Oilers dropped the first two games in this series and took the next four. The Oilers will take on the Ducks in the Conference finals.

#7 vs #6
So, the #6 and #7 teams playing each other. The Ducks made sure that the closest Colorado would be to Anaheim in this series was the seed number. The Ducks swept Colorado and 3 of the games were not even close. Game 1, 5-0. Game 2, 3-0 and Game 4, 4-1. The only close game was the overtime Game 3.


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