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Friday, May 12, 2006

NBA Playoffs 2006 Round 2

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/12/2006

Here we are...the NBA's second season. The first round has already started but as typical each year the first game of each series is barely a surprise.
YES, I know the 2nd Round already started. I have been sick and busy. The status of the series as they are right now does not change what I predict and my predictions are not terribly out of line with the conventional wisdom.
Eastern Conference

#4 vs #1
Detroit is the team I believe will be in the Finals from the East. They are easily the strongest team in the conference and will be too much for Cleveland.

Pistons in 4.

#3 vs #2
I don't know much about the Nets this year. I think the Heat are not as strong as they were last year. So, I have no idea what to expect from these series beyond saying the Heat will win.

Heat in 5.

Western Conference
#4 vs #1
Because of the stupid seeding system of the NBA (ranking the teams by giving the division winners the top three seeds instead of the best 3 teams getting the top 3 seeds) this is the marquee matchup of the West. Both teams finished the season winning over 70% of their games and either one of them could be the elite of the league. The winner of this series will play against Detroit in the Finals.

Spurs in 7.

#6 vs #2
The teams are closer matched than the seed numbers would have you believe. It will be a great battle as the Suns, the stronger overall team, will have to find an answer to Elton Brand (Clippers PF) before the Clippers upset the Suns. That is the question, can the Suns stop Brand and then Cassell? I think in the long run the Suns will figure out how to handle the new Los Angeles powerhouse.

Suns in 6.


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