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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Black Hole in New York

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/10/2006

(H/T: Marty)
Interesting and geeky cool as it may be I wonder if this is a good idea.
Unitil now it would have taken a very long trip into outer space to see one but now scientists have created their very own black hole in a laboratory in New York.

But thankfully it was not the sort that could consume the Earth

It lasted for a tiny amount of time, a staggering 10 million billion billionths of a second.

The heat generated was 300 million times the temperature on the surface of the Sun.

Scientists used a particle accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York, to shoot two beams of gold nuclei at each other at the speed of light.

The intense heat of the collision breaks down the nuclei into quarks and gluons, the most basic building blocks of all normal matter.

These particles then formed a ball of plasma which can be detected because it absorbs jets of particles produced by the collision, so creating a black hole.

Ed Shuryak, a physicist at Stony Brook University in New York said: "It's very useful in that it will inspire thinking in that direction.

"But it's going to be another thng to see if it produces any fruit."
Some very useful questions that should have been answered BEFORE this was done. Was the intent to see what happened when they created the collision or were they expecting a black hole? What would have happened if the black hole had started growing?

Big Collision
The first philosophical question is, WOW, how big of a collision must have occurred to make the black holes we see from billions of light years away. That would be two giant hunks of gold--and what would the street value of those be?

Seriously, how does this possibly explain the creation of the larger black holes?

Alternate Reality
I talked with the Ox about this and he offered the following: What if getting sucked into a black hole is an experience that you would not notice and it simply transforms you into a parallel universe. Maybe the New York black hole actually did consume the Earth and we never will know.

The Gnab Gib
What is the big bang, basically? And explosion of matter, right? I mean, I'm a social scientist (political science and speech/communication) by education which means that these things go over my head. But BASICALLY it was the explosion and instant creation of lots of mass.

What is a black hole? Some place that actually sucks away mass & matter. Poof! It disappears. Is a black hole the opposite of the big bang. At the end of this little experiment called existance will there be the reverse of the bang (the gnab gib) which is a HUGE black hole?

God's Paddle Ball?
OK, I am not Christian. I believe in a higher being. I believe that the higher being gave us science and thus believe in the big bang (and now the gnab gib). The higher being set all of this into motion...and to each beginning there is an end. What if this is not the first universe created? Kind of like the Matrix...this is not the first incarnation. Big Bang--Gnab Gib, Big Bang--Gnab Gib, Big Bang--Gnab Gib...back and forth. Just like a big giant paddle ball.

Anyway, this little black hole creates a lot of questions.


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