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Thursday, May 04, 2006

NHL 1st Round

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/04/2006

I know absolutely nothing about hockey. So instead of trying to predict the playoffs for the NHL I will summarize them.

The first round is complete as of last night. The results:
The Eastern Conference #1 seeded Senators easily dismissed the #8 seeded Lightning four games to one. Ottawa goes on to Buffalo in the 2nd round.

#7 Canadiens battled fiercely against the #2 Hurricanes. The Hurricanes won in 6 games, but 3 of them went into overtime including Game 2 which went into 2OT.

#6 Rangers provided skating practice for the #3 Devils. Devils swept the Rangers. The Devils (rested from a sweep) meet the Hurricanes (limping out of a tough 1st round series) in the 2nd round.

#5 Flyers and the #4 Sabres...Buffalo took the series in 6 games. Game 1 was a 2OT games but after that Buffalo seemed to dominate in their wins and fight in their losses. The last 2 games Buffalo won by a combined score of 10-1.

In the East there were no lower seed victories. All of the top seeds won their series. In the West all of the lower seeds won. What is more incredible is that the #8 Oilers beat the #1 Red Wings in 6 games. It was a fight...there were even two 2OT games, but a #8 beating a #1...and not just any #1. Detroit had the best record in the league.

#7 Avalanche whip the #2 seeded Stars in five games. Granted, three of the games were overtime games, but for another low seed team to beat so handily is worht taking notice of.

Seven games. They battled. Of the seven games FIVE of them were decided by 1 goal. The biggest blow-outs were Game 3 (Calgary won by 3 goals) and Game 7 (Anaheim won by 3 goals). After a bruising series like this Anaheim gets to face Colorado.

When a #4 goes against a #5 you would expect a somewhat close series. Nashville took Game 1 and then the Sharks coasted to a 5-game series win. They get to face Edmonton next.


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