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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

70,000 hits

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/08/2006

Yeah, this last 10,000 have been slower going. There are a number of reasons for that, methinks. Among them is that my posting has been sporadic. There a number of things I love doing and blogging is one of them. Unfortunately there are higher priorities...work, radio show, home, etc. Now that we are getting an exchange student I do not see a loosening in the disposable time category.

However, I do want to thank the readers for every single visit. There have been a number of exchanges here recently that have been very respectful...I appreciate that. Some have been, well, the evidence of the dark underside of partisanship (and those handful of readers don't come around here no more). Suddenly I have in my head images of a dark forest. On the road leading in is a sign:
Always Right Usually Correct forest
Underneath that are a few signs added on.
Partisans enter at own risk
Ye have been warned by the township of Bloggins'vere
and grafitti in gang-like scripting crossing out "Right", painting over it "Wrong" and painting "en" in front of correct...make the gangster version read "Always Right Wrong Usually enCorrect"--yes, the misspelling evidence of the miscreants ability to grasp the world.

A forest hostile to the partisans? Sure. Perhaps I may change the color scheme to some type of green to reflect that forest image in my head.

Nonetheless there are many things on the horizon from Tony!
1) The baseball league is fixed and running again. It is complete with its own owner's discussion board.
2) The Radio show has a new centralized site for everything related to the show. It will replace the Show Recap blog, the show prep page, the Podcast blog and the Race to the Right webpage (which was woefully out of date). The catalyst for this was an lack absence of off-the-air support in making these things happen. The result is a much better site for listeners.
3) There is a possibility of the blog moving away from Blogger. That is a decision that will be pondered for a long time. There are many scenarios that I am considering. Updates will be given as they are decided upon by the committee in my head.
4) I will be available for hire for voice work for ads, narration, audio books, etc. I have been doing work within a voice over network for sometime and now want to offer the skills and experiences learned to the blogging community. Contact me for rates, ideas, suggestions, etc. The link to the voice over page will be http://tonygarcia.voice123.com/ once the company fixes the typo in the url they created (here is the link with a typo in the url).
5) I have begun sending auditions and interviews to many various stations for my own full time show. IF one lands I am quite certain it will affect the ability to blog (maybe by allowing more time). That is all I will say about that until a station hires me and makes the announcement themselves...even if it is an out-of-state station.

So, keep your eyes peeled here...and feel free to join in the fun.



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