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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blog personnel update

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/29/2006

MENSA, Simpsons and Jon
One of the more popular features of the blog has come to an end...unfortunately. The MENSA questions of the day have ended since co-author, Jon, had only a one year pool of questions. The book he was using was a "Question of the day" type and we decided to not repeat the questions.

The other major contribution from Jon was the Simpson's Trivia. It was a new feature (we hoped it would replace the MENSA questions). This will be at least temporarily halted for a number of reasons.
1) Jon is getting married soon and his attention is, for good reason, not on the blog
2) Simpsons Trivia was not getting the interest (in either hits OR answers) that we were hoping for
3) Jon is moving away from Minneapolis. Where he currently accesses the internet only has dial-up so it is not practical for him to continue for the time being.

Hopefully his input (sports, movies & Simpsons possibly) will be able to return and expand once his major life changes get settled.

Pete joins ARUC
We have a new author. Pete will be joining us. He is one of the many research hounds I have the acquaintance of, very opinionated and has been flooding my (and dozens of others) e-mail with his opinions and observations.

Welcome to Pete.



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