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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More partisanship in the office that should not be

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/23/2006


OK, I will admit it from the start. There is no evidence that really suggests this story is the cause of "partisanship" from the Secretary of State. But it certainly seems that there are a lot of decisions from her and her office that hinder non-Republicans or benefit Republicans.

In all honesty one cannot blame her too much...she is a party-girl. What she has done for her party internally is incredible. She is also in an office that shows up on the ballot with party affiliation. The reason I blame her for the partisanship that seems to seep from her office is I believe voting should be carried out in a non-partisan manner. I long for the ballot where NO party endorsements show up. I will support any effort to make the Secretary of State race a non-partisan race like the judges' races used to be.

Why? Because "voting" and "candidacy" should be open and equal for everyone and if decisions are being made that can close out or disadvantage a party then every excuse should be removed and the person held accountable.

Why do I bring this up now? Yesterday the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Rep. Gil Gutknecht could stay on the ballot (as Kiffmeyer had originally ruled) which seems to vindicate her to some degree (Court's rationale is still due). Yet I am still wondering how a competent Secretary of State could let this happen.

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