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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Iran...need to keep a closer eye than we are

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/20/2006

First was a nuclear program that was, according to Iran, for energy concerns. However they turned down the offers for energy technology and imports.

Now it is "military exercises" to show their new "defensive" doctrine.
The Iranian army said on Thursday that it would launch a large-scale military exercise soon, the state television reported.

The maneuver will begin in southeastern Iran on Saturday, military spokesman Gen. Mohammad Reza Ashtiani was quoted as saying.

"It will be carried out stage by stage for a period," he added, without revealing exactly when the exercise would end.

"The maneuver is aimed at introducing our new defensive doctrine," Ashtiani said, adding that 12 infantry regiments would participate in the upcoming exercise dubbed "The Blow of Zolfaghar."

Zolfaghar is the sword used by Imam Ali, one of the most revered figures for Shiite Muslims.

In addition, Ashtiani said that the maneuver came against a backdrop of tensions in the Mideast, saying "We must be ready to fight against any threat and we should be a role model for other countries."

"The army is prepared to destroy all plots against the Islamic Republic," he added.

In April, Iran launched another large-scale military exercise, the biggest in several years.

During the game, Iran said it had tested advanced weapons including missiles and torpedoes.

The new Iranian war game will come when Tehran is facing heightened pressure as a UN Security Council resolution urges it to halt uranium enrichment by Aug. 31. Enditem
Sorry, there may be a cease-fire in place but do not believe things are on the mend.

And this is for those who think Iran was not directly involved with the "34-day war".
The United States blocked an Iranian cargo plane's flight to Syria last month after intelligence analysts concluded it was carrying sophisticated missiles and launchers to resupply Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, two U.S. intelligence officials say.

Eight days after Hezbollah's war with Israel began, U.S. diplomats persuaded Turkey and Iraq to deny the plane permission to cross their territory to Damascus, a transfer point for arms to Hezbollah, the officials said.

The episode was detailed by one U.S. intelligence official who saw a report on the incident. It was confirmed by a U.S. official from a second intelligence agency and by a diplomat with a foreign government. They did not want their names used because they were not authorized to discuss the incident.
I have been saying it for nearly two months...Iran is the danger...they are behind everything going on in the Middle East and it is all building up to something much bigger than we want to witness.


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