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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Return and the explanation

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/19/2006

You MIGHT have noticed the blog seemed to have been hacked recently. This was intentional per advice of counsel.

I have been long aware of the hazards of public life as I have been receiving death threats I was writing op-eds years ago. I still get threats, though for the past year they have been from Republicans. Some were made that needed to be taken more seriously than others.

Once that occurred we took the necessary steps to ensure protection. I was advised to, at least temporarily, take down my links to the internet. At that time I decided to kill the blog in the manner you saw.

Quite honestly, I was surprised I got the e-mails I did get offering to help. I did not anticipate what to do so I was caught off-guard and decided say as little as possible (but not lie) while things were getting resolved initially. During this time only people I felt were on a critical-need-to-know were told that I actually did that to the blog.

(There is one exception and an e-mail with an apology has been sent.)

However, the absence (brief as it was) allowed the opportunity to change the face of the blog. There are some other necessary changes that have been or will be taking place (much of the "personal" category has been deleted).

********** UPDATE **********

I realized that the habit of putting personal information inside of posts is a bit hard to break...so I had to do yet another edit of this post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are without-a-doubt the goofyiest wanker this side of the fever swamp.

I had heard that this was your game..but I really couldn't believe you'd gone this far over the edge.

If you care about conservativism, you will ask to join the powerliberal roster without delay.

August 19, 2006  

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