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Thursday, August 10, 2006

UK thwarts mass murder plot

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/10/2006

You have already heard the news, I'm sure. A plot to blow up at least 6 planes while flying over the Atlantic in a 'mass murder' plot. Some are saying that this may have been another 9/11 and there are ties to al Qaeda. The UK arrested 21 people so far but there may be as many as 50 involved. They are reported to be of Pakistani descent. Thank you to Drudge for reminding us that a few days ago a London to Boston flight was turned away because it was discovered that passengers on the no-fly list had actually boarded. Britain is on high alert as a whole while the US has only air related areas on high alert.

That story is going to be played for a while, now. But people are missing the bigger picture. I have been saying for almost 7 weeks that Iran is behind a ton of this stuff...all for various reasons.

First, they want everyone's attention to be divided. Have you noticed no that Iran's nuclear program (and its pending completion) is in a position to not be higher than 3rd headline? Third biggest story...that is below the fold on print papers, scroll far down on webpages and non-bold face in the headline boxes in the sidebars.

Second, divided attention means divided resources. 'Nuff said on that.

What I want you to understand in this is what the danger WILL be domestically. The people in politics who ARE a danger to this country (both on the Left and Right) will turn this in to "advantage talking points" and tie this to the elections. This has nothing to do with the elections...hate to burst the bubbles of partisans out there.

While the partisans tell each other that the other side is "evil", "dangerous" and on the Right they say the Left will lose the War (intentionally, in some of their minds) I do not believe either side is actively trying to lose the war. Everyone sees it in a different lens. Some see the War on Terror as, well, a war and a military campaign. Others see it as criminal elements that need to be dealt with in a criminal justice frame of mind. Frankly, the former view is mostly right. Mostly, because they actually miss the point that we are dealing with rational people...radical, yes, but their thought process is not unflowing like North Korea's. You can easily connect the dots from their premise to their conclusion...even though you disagree with them. The "War on Terror is a War" crowd (which I will call the Right on Terror only to acknowledge that most of them are on the Right) misses that our enemies are rational. The "War on Teror is Criminal" crowd (which I will call the Left on Terror only to acknowledge that most of them are on the Left) misses the point that they are (a) the enemy of a war they declared, (b) are willing to die as long as they take others out with them, (c) are not working in a psychological mindset of criminality, but of wardom, and (d) are proven to understand our systems, our weaknesses because of those systems and exploit those weaknesses.

Both the Left of Terror and the Right of Terror are getting distracted (if paying attention to at all) by each individual occurance...Israel vs Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, Russia's involement, al Qaeda, these latest plots...and failing to step back with a wider lens. These are all connected.

Why should WE, here in Minnesota really care? Because more experts are coming out connecting a few of these dots (e.g. Iran's nuclear programs near completion with Hezbollah)...and all of the dots together lead to WWIII in some manner. I have explained the different scenarios of WWIII (see the section of the post titled "Why World War III is More than the GOP 2006 Campaign Slogan" if you don't want to read the whole thing). To give you an idea of the location of battlefields think of WWII. In relation to the extent of 'action' and casualties within the borders I think the following analogies help to demonstrate. We are the Russia of WWII...lots of action within our borders and heavy casualties (our civilian casualties will be higher the longer it takes for non-political American citizens to acknowledge the scale of what's coming), Britain (and Europe eventually) is like, well, Britain. They will be 'host' to a lot of carnage as well. They may see more destruction than casualties, mostly because I think in the end they are more willing to sacrifice more freedoms for more security. Their economy will be harder to recover from than ours...though we will seem some really tough times. Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Israel are going to be the Germany of all of this. Nearly completely leveled...likely more complete devastation than in WWII...and a lot of casualties.

It will not get better and will not end until all of the leadership from one side or the other are killed, captured or otherwise permanently neutralized and the government destroyed. That is what I see as a fact of what is building.

Don't like it? Sorry, you have to understand that the enemy is looking for that reality, they are striving for that major battle, they have accepted that road. With each passing day of "negotiations" and "diplomatic" efforts instead of battle hardening we draw closer to both losing advantage in the pending battle and allowing the enemy to set the course of action.

Both the Right of Terror and the Left of Terror try to keep us off the grand battlefield. We are reluctant to deal with Iran (and their tentacles) in combat or with actual military force. Yes, we are thinly spread...but survival is at stake. Find a way to make the disadvantage of thin into an advantage of stationed in many fronts. The politicos (politicians and their supporters) want Terror to be a campaign issue, but don't want to have us step on the battlefield now that the time is near. Shutup with "November" and focus on "Iran".

The timeframe for prevention is drawing to a close. Get ready. Get busy. Most of all open your eyes to the bigger picture...the enemy is not the American on the other side of the aisle. The enemy is on the other side of the battlefield we refuse to actually step on.

And to understand the real danger of making this issue a political topic listen to the FIRST CALL on Glenn Beck's show when it airs tonight on KTLK at 7PM. Understand that BOTH sides are guilty of that caller's ignorance for what is going on.

Please, for the sake of our survival...watch Iran more broadly and understand the difference between "enemy" and "political adversary".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah this is all well and good Tony, but tell us how Patty Wetterling played a crucial role will you?

Moveon.org got nothin', we're all counting on you to speak the truth!

August 10, 2006  
Blogger Tony said...

Like 100% of the politicians and candidates running for office this year they played NO effective role in stopping the plot this morning.

Ane moveon.org...I would know what they have to say. My information comes from 3 sources: Drudge (and his referred links), news.google.com (and their referred links) and Glenn Beck. I do not watch TV as none of them are worth the time (and thus I cut off cable). I listen only to Glenn Beck, Jason Lewis (while on the way home) and whatever morning show is least nauseating during the commute at 5AM.

The only websites I read with regularity are those on my blogroll ("Blogs Worth Frequenting"). That's it.

I seem to recall you implying that you "Hav[e] at least a hint of a clue about what I intend to talk about before I open my mouth."

It seems, though, that every single one of your comments here are contrary to that.

So, how about this...
Unless you have something intelligent to say (and your previous comments are examples of UNintelligent) then shut the hell up.

Is it possible for you to discuss ideas? Or are you only capable of talking about people?

If you want the truth about the terrorism then reread the post without trying to be sophomoric.

August 10, 2006  

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