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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

President Domestic Travel

--posted by Pete Arnold on 8/30/2006

Pete here again...

I bring this up because of the recient reporting by Pat Kessler at WCCO. Looking outside of WCCO, President Bill Clinton’s Travel is called excessive from CNN here.

USA Today is quick to nock Bush for his traveling, like WCCO:

USA today says:

An Associated Press tally of Bush's travels shows he has made at least 114 trips
in the 17 months since January 2003.
Clinton flew Air Force One on 123
domestic trips between January 1995 and mid-October 1996, a period of 22 months.
It was a record for re-election-related travel aboard the presidential aircraft,
according to the Center for Public Integrity.
Lets examine this statement:
1. They knew exactly how many trips President Clinton took, but for President Bush its "At least"????
2. President Clinton: "123 domestic trips" and President Bush: "114 trips.” Where is the word domestic when referring to President Bush’s trips?

Now let me rearrange some words in that USA Today Article:
"Are" "all of" "Bush" "trips" "domestic" "at least"?

They actually answer that: "Virtually all of Bush's trips on Air Force One have been within the continental United States."

So, what is the definition of "virtually all"? Does Seventy-Five percent or more count as “Virtually all”? Does this count President Bush's travels for Hurricane Katrina? Those are domestic, after all.
I would love to see a list of where each president has gone on the time they claim and for what. Because, I bet you a dollar, our ol' "man of integrity" of a president has President Bush beat by quite a bit when it comes to "domestic campaigning travel."

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