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Friday, September 08, 2006

Klobuchar and crime with honesty

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/08/2006

I have been sharply critical of the dishonest manner that Kennedy and his supporters have been simply saying, "Crime up, Klobuchar's fault" and "Murder #33, all Klobuchar's fault".

The peak of this criticism came this past Sunday on the show. Marty tried to throw out GOP talking points with very little substance behind them (as is typical of talking points). That was like a hanging curve...I beat the leather off of the ball and sent it into McCovey's Cove. Now, Marty's motivation for bringing the "good Republican" effort may be tied to his frustrations related to the topics on the show. Maybe after his Pawlenty criticism and our show that following Sunday spending a full hour on Pawlenty he started getting the wave of criticism I got this past February for being against Bachmann.

Regardless of the reasons for using GOP Talking Points alone for arguements this past Sunday Marty was left in the place all Talking Points leave someone when challenged: left falling from a very shaky limb.

Marty decided to accept the challenge that other Kennedy supporters refused: answer why it is honest to tie crime rates to Klobuchar. More than that he attempted to answer new wrinkles against the talking point, which is why tie the rise in crime in MPLS for 2005-06 (presumably, since officical numbers are not out yet) to Klobuchar while not hanging that on the US DoJ (Bush administration) for the national rise AND why tie the rise in crime in MPLS for 2005-06 to Klobuchar while not the credit for the drop from 1999-2003 (also during Klobuchar's tenure).

Check out his findings. Beyond the work he put into this he deserves some other credit. As I put in the comments of his post:
Congratulations, Marty...on two very important things on this topic.

FIRST: You are the first (from what I can tell) to actually connect the dots between crime and the County DA. Under your thesis there is a clear connection and validates your conclusions. This is something I have not seen anywhere else and is necessary for the validity of tying crime to Klobuchar. Additionally you made a great case why she could legitimately be blamed for the crime rise while not credited for the preceding crime drop.

SECOND: You should take credit for what seems to be absolutely the most accurate statement on this issue, "Amy Klobuchar hasn’t helped the crime problem in her district at all." I have thought and after your post continue to believe that this is the correct statement. Klobuchar has not helped with the crime rate drop, she is not helping to curb the crime rate, but there is too much else in the way to honestly say Klobuchar hurt the crime rate. "Ineffective" is the best critique in her impact on crime.

Good job, Marty.
Finally, some honesty on the topic. Sadly, the honesty is not coming from either party or candidate or their campaigns.

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