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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lineup changes on KSTP

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/06/2006

(H/T: Marty)

Mark O'Connell and Ron Rosenbaum left KSTP. Their last show was yesterday (September 5, 2006)...mercifully.

My next comment was going to be, "KSTP will certainly benefit regardless of who they have replace Ron & Mark" until I saw who the replacement is: Sterling. So, KSTP has gained some ground by dumping Chris Kroc and now by dumping Ron & Mark. (Two steps forward.) They are experiencing a huge step back if Sterling is the permanent replacement.

Maybe, just maybe, what they need to do is take advantage of the upheaval that the Twins lineup will cause and just get some fresh blood in the lineup. Whatever they do they need to realize that the best they can do in that timeslot will be a very distant #3 and then try to work from there.

It kind of reminds me of NBC and the Cosby Show. Thursday nights were not the PRIME night on TV. (I could be wrong on this recollection...) It used to be Sunday nights. Then came the Cosby Show and NBC's struggling lineup. Cosby Show's success in the slot and NBC's decision to reshape THEIR prime time eventually led to Thursday nights being THE night for shows. That may be where KSTP could begin their rebuilding process.

Just a thought.



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