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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Peter Hutchinson: Not Supporting America?

--posted by Pete Arnold on 9/03/2006

Pete here again.
When I hear the words "Freedom of Choice" it makes me want to say: "Bull Crap!" because the arguement is not for "freedom of choice" or to be "Pro Life," you are either for or against Abortion!

So here is my take on "Freedom of Choice"

I was listening to a local radio host (Jason Louis, KTLK 9/1/6) interview Peter Hutchinson, running as the Minnesota Independent Party candidate for Governor. Durring the talk about taking oil out of Alaska, he mentioned he drives a Toyota Prius.

I see a BIG problem with this.

How much do you think this candidate cares about supporting American Industry and American labor when he spends his money on something that is not only manufactured in Japan(or China, as the Prius is made in either), but also something that the profit goes to support a foreign company and a foreign country?

I would argue that he has spoken louder with his money then his banter ever would, and I would love a chance to ask him about this in a public setting (along with asking other candidates Who made their car).

Some people I know argue that "You don't have a choice any more where things are made"
I would argue against that. You must choose carefully. As a capitalist, your freedom of choice of what you want to buy is the most powerful tool you have. When you purchase things, look at where it is made. You can find American made products when it comes to almost everything. And the fact that you may not own something made in the US doesn't make you a hypocrite. Just try your hardest.

I also know that not every part in American cars is made in the United States. But to what company is the money going? I also know that some foreign manufactures assemble vehicles here. But where is the money going to? To an American company or foreign company? To primarily support the United States or to primarily support Japan/Europe?

If you don't like jobs going over seas, choose a car that was manufactured in America, or at least from an American company. But when it comes down to it... I would love to interview some of our political candidates and find out what cars they purchased. If I were running for office, I would expect to be boo'd out of the capital for spending $20-$80 Thousand on a product that does not directly support an American company and American workers.

I'm big into cars. I can respect an automobile for what it is. I just use my Freedom of Choice to support American products whenever possible... And if Peter Hutchinson was a true red blooded American, he'd be driving an American made car.

What do I drive you ask?

2001 Pontaic Trans Am WS6
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
1995 Chevy Tahoe
1993 Chevy Caviler

1999 Dodge Neon
1996 Oldsmobile Achiva
1992 Pontiac Sunbird
1988 Chevy Caviler
1982 Pontiac Trans Am
1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

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