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Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog update

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/01/2006

Some of you may have noticed a huge lapse in posts here. Well, to be quite honest I have been too busy everywhere else in my life to blog.

Work has been a zoo. The election day preparations took too much of my time before the elections and my analysis of the elections (part of which was posted on this blog) forced me to look at an event that I was already sick of. That was energy zapping.

Projects for the radio show have me bogged down. We are hoping to complete "A Christmas Carol" in time for our Christmas Eve show. It is a tight schedule and I have people coming to my house to record their parts in what seems to be every other day. Finding the needed sounds, music and also adapting the story for radio was a huge task.

ThePete (co-author of this blog) has also been incredibly busy. He has been helping with technical upgrades for the Show's Discussion Board, building his own non-political discussion board, building a car or two, helping with the show's "A Christmas Carol" and who knows what else.

Additionally ThePete and I have been working on what will be the new Race to the Right website. It is not complete but take a peek...http://wiki.racetotheright.com.

So, I love blogging. But it always has been the most expendable thing on my plate. I would suggest, for the next several months at least, reading this blog with an RSS reader or something similar. Posts will be very infrequent at least until some of these projects for the show and some of the projects at home get completed. There are many good syndication feeds...Blog Lines, Google has a pretty good reader for your customizable home page, Pluck is another one...

Use them until we are able to post more regularly again.

Thank you.



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