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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How Dare I Speak Truth

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/10/2012

There is a post that is currently reverted to Draft called "How Dare I Speak The Truth".  It dealt with some of the hassles in dealing with unreasonable one-sided-minded people, of which 2012 brought them out like an infestation of nocturnal creatures so overwhelming that they have to come out during the day.  The post hit in the personal life and until the wake of that drama settles the post, which is hard hitting but honest and fair (as the situation was reviewed in full by several non-interested parties).

The problem is that reviewing the activity history shows they are still frequently visiting and for a while referred visits were conspicuously close to their visits.  This implies they would check the validity of the link and then somehow others shortly after would hit that specific post within a small timeframe.

There are several possibilities here as to why, but given the all-or-nothing approach taken already on several occasions in the past (complete with ultimatums like losing friendships permanently for talking about the Super Bowl at all if the Patriots lose--a fine example of how they handle many discussions, one view or no view is allowed), and given the scorched Earth way of handling issues that they regularly engage in, it is reasonable to conclude that some destructive behavior may be linked to the out of the ordinary visit history pattern.

To minimize the activity being witnessed the post is hidden for a while.  I wanted to let readers who may have noticed missing posts know that there is not a censorship movement going on and hard truths are not just disappearing.

Thank you for your attention.  Back to the regular broadcasting.

************ UPDATE ***********
I believe it is safe to re-publish the aforementioned post.



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